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The Lovell Quinta Arboretum
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The Lovell Quinta Arboretum

Fraxinus chinensis.JPGThis wonderful arboretum in Swettenham was the brainchild of Sir Bernard Lovell, created by him in the mid 1950's after he purchased the property in 1948. In 1996 it passed into the hands of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust  they then transferred it to Tatton Garden Society in late 2003.Sir Bernard who is best known for his telescope at Jodrell Bank and his work with radar was very keen on plants and collected examples from far and wide including a number of the Eastern-bloc countries. Shortly after 2003 and by a chance visit Rhoderic Taylor took over the management and curatorship and has been there to the present day. The site is now home to a colourful range of plants including snowcrops in spring then the crocus and daffodils with the other trees and shrubs adding there seasonal attractions from early flowers to berries and autumn colour.To help visitors we have tried to have most of the plants labelled and with some there are 'QR 'codes for the visitors with the technology. We are currently mowing the grass in different ways to encorage wild life and increase visitor interest. A recent survey indicated use by 17 different species which shows its significance for different species.


What's new and happening at the Lovell Quinta Arboretum?

Currently we have around 2,500 trees and shrubs, including National Collections of Pine (Pinus) and Ash (Fraxinus) There is a large collection of Hebe in trial beds planted by the Hebe Society.    There is a recently restored lake and many species of wildlife encouraged by a policy of minimum chemical use.

Euonymus phellomanusAdmission and Prices

The arboretum is open to the public every day, except Christmas Day, from 9 am to sunset. Entry is by the outside eating area of the Swettenham Arms and visitors may use the large pub car park.

Entrance charge is £2.50, but is free to members of the Tatton Garden Society and to RHS members. (Note we have a special NGS event in October of each year). If no one is present please use the  brick honesty box at the entrance and at least make a donation. The money is vital to help maintain this beautiful site.


There are two recommended walks, one long and one short around the site. The walks are marked with colour coded posts.

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