Plant map

Interactive plant finder map

Click here to access our plant finder map.

The plant map allows you to search the whole of the Arboretum’s collection of trees and shrubs. Just enter a genus or species into the search button and the map will show you where in the Arboretum you can find that plant. You can also use it to see the extent of what the collection holds, which is really useful if you are trying to decide what to plant in your garden.

Search for the tree or shrub on the map and then go and visit the Arboretum to see what it looks like growing in Cheshire.

The map also shows all the “Champion Trees” in the Arboretum. These are the trees on the Tree Register of Britain and Ireland and are noted for their height or girth, being champions in Cheshire or even nationally.

“Went to the Swettenham Arms for lunch and a walk and had no idea this was directly behind. Beautiful walk very well signposted and maintained. Liked the labels on the trees some fantastic views on the edge of Holmes Chapel viaduct. Highly recommended.

Loobyloo1995 via TripAdvisor